Wire Hair Pointing Griffons

At Pole Star Kennels, we try to breed fine hunting dogs and good family dogs. In our experience, the Wire Hair Griffon meets both needs. The Wire Hair Pointing Griffon is often called the ultimate gun dog and family companion.


Lily and Rose
Lily and Rose


Side view of a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon standing on green grass, looking to the left
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Temperament: they are gentle family dogs that actually need human companionship.

They are playful and, with the right training, generally well behaved.

Intelligence: Griffs are smart. They are also generally “biddable” dogs. That means they want to  learn and please their owners. Being smart, you do not harshly punish a griffon. If you do, they will remember and it will show around others. If you cannot train a dog without beating it up, this breed is not for you.

Size: Griffs are medium size dogs. The females running 20” at the shoulder and 47 to 50 pounds. Males run around 22” at the shoulder and 60 t0 65 pounds. It is an ideal size for a hunting dog.

Shedding: Some say that Griffs are hypoallergenic. That is not exactly correct.  They do shed less than many breeds. They certainly take less grooming. However, they are not poodles. There is a limited amount of shedding.

Children and other animals: Griffs are generally not a sharp dog. They blend well in families with young children. If you integrate them while young, you may even find that they and the family cat are bosom buddies. Ours are.

Hunting: Griffons are multipurpose doges.

For upland game, you get a solid thorough Pointer that hunts with you and has a lock-on point.

In retrieiving, you get a hardy retriever that will swim with Labs and Goldens.

Scent search is also one of their assets. Wire Hair Griffons are also used as tracking dogs. This is great for pheasant hunters. It also works for those looking for elk antlers in the spring.

Health issues: Griffs have some of the lowest incidence of hip and eye health. Griff breeders have guarded the breed against these medical issues. We will not breed a dog that has shown a hip or eye issues. All of our breeding stock have been tested.